Sale Offerings

18 Yearlings- Open and  priced individually or in groups of
     five or more with discounted pricing.
               15 Yearling Black and Black Baldies open and ready by spring for breeding.

  • Exposed/Bred Heifers  
23 Hereford Heifers exposed to our Grandview CMR  Garrett 430 son to begin
                      calving in the spring of 2010. 

25 Hereford Heifers bred to Garrett or our angus R4HR Knight Hawk 3A bull calving
                       this fall and early spring.

  • Cow/Calf Pairs(Calving Fall and Spring)
25 Mature Cow Dispersal - Each year we put together a group of our mature cows                              that are good producers and breed them to our Angus bulls for our commerical
                       buyers.  You can stock your pasture with solid cows bred to produce that
                       black baldie the commercial market values.  These cattle always produce
                       calls and don't last long.
  6 Two year old bulls that are ready for fall breeding programs.